Adam Allen was born in Detroit, Mi. And the Mich. State Fair was the first stage appearance he made. He was eleven years old, and performing in a recital for Fortuna Music. Even though he was very nervous throughout his first onstage appearance, Adam Allen continued to play and perform.

By the age of twelve, now living in Algonac, Mi., he was playing junior high school dances, and forming his first band. Three years later he played his first "club gig" at the Shea Rd. Bar. Once again setting the road of things to come.

As he furthered his career, Adam also furthered his talent, teaching himself other string instruments,including the violin, banjo, pedal steele, sitar,and basically anything that came with a string. His style ranges from classical, to jazz, from blues to rock.
He plays it all, and plays it well.
Leading him to take his career into teaching music.

In 1982, he was asked to take the stage with
This featured the three remaining original band members:
Tommy Evans on bass, Mike Gibbins on drums Bob Jackson on keys.
The tour with Badfinger started at Harpos in Detroit and ended in Milwaukee, Wis., because of managment problems. So Adam returned to Detroit, where he resumed his teaching, and continued his stage and studio performances.

He has played and recorded with many known artist, as well as local work done with Wayne Baraks of "Rare Earth", The Davey Rocket Band, Jerry Tittle & the Cadillac Cowboys, ( a single recorded with them did well regionally.) He has played with bands like T.C. Capp, Swanny Caldwell, and the Larin Micheal Group.

Catch him playing with his own band, The ADAM ALLEN Band, which features Adam on guitar, violin, and anything else he feels like playing.

Wayne Baraks, on bass guitar

Rob Emanuel on drums and percussion.
And an array of other musicians.

To learn more about Adam Allens time with Badfinger read the book
Without You by Dan Matovina due for a new release now

There are hopes for a cd release of Adams original music soon.

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